Slacktapped CircleCI

Slacktapped is an Elixir app to post Untappd activity to Slack.

Once installed, this bot will post checkins, badges, and comments to a Slack channel.

It can also (with additional configuration) respond to Slack slash commands and allow users to search for beers on Untappd.

The source code is available on GitHub at

Online documentation is available at


  1. Apply for an Untappd API application. Make sure you set a Callback URL for the application (any valid URL).
  2. Create an incoming webhook and point it to the channel of your choosing in your Slack team.
  3. Create a new Untappd user. This user will be a standalone user that the bot will authenticate as.
  4. For any people whose Untappd activity you want this bot to post, have that person “friend” the Untappd user created in step 3, and then accept the friendship on Untappd.
  5. Obtain or deploy a Redis instance. Redis is used to keep track of activity that has been posted to Slack.
  6. With your Untappd API credentials, authenticate as your user using the “Client Side Authentication” instructions here. Use the provided Callback URL you specified in step 1. Make note of the returned access_token in the URL. Currently Untappd does not expire access tokens retrieved in this manner, but we may implement proper OAuth support for Slacktapped in the future.
  7. Clone this repo and deploy to Heroku or Dokku, by following the instructions below. You should also be able to deploy to any system that supports building applications via buildpacks.


  1. Do a git push to Heroku or your Dokku server.
  2. Set your environment variables:
INSTANCE_NAME=''         # Unique name for this Slacktapped instance.
REDIS_URI=''             # URI for your Redis isntance.
SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL=''     # Your Slack incoming webhook URL.
UNTAPPD_ACCESS_TOKEN=''  # Token obtained via auth request above.
UNTAPPD_CLIENT_ID=''     # Your Untappd client ID.
UNTAPPD_CLIENT_SECRET='' # Your Untappd client secret.

Once you’ve deployed with the proper credentials, you should start seeing logs for your application indicating that the processor is running. It will poll Untappd every 60 seconds for new activity:

[Processor] Running...
[Processor] Done.

With any luck, you’ll see Untappd activity in your Slack channel:

Slash Commands

In addition to polling the Untappd API for activity, this bot also boots a web server that can act as a Slack Slash Command endpoint.

Once installed, users can use the slash command to search for beers on Untappd, like this:

/untappd dogfish 90

By default, the slash command will respond privately to the user. It will respond publicly to the channel by appending -public to the command, like so:

/untappd dogfish 90 -public


  1. Create a slash command for your Slack team.
  2. Ensure that your bot is running under an HTTPS endpoint (Slack requires this).
  3. Set the URL for the slash command to https://<hostname-to-bot>/search.
  4. Set the environment variable for the slash command token:


Badges can get a bit noisy when you’re only interested in seeing checkins and comments, so you can disable badge posts by setting the following environment variable:


To disable comments:



If you need help deploying or have an idea for a feature, create an issue.